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eSource Optics offers a variety of High Reflectance broadband metallic Aluminum & Magnesium (Al & MgF2) VUV-UV Mirror Coatings with high reflectivity optimized at specific VUV to UV wavelengths. eSource Optics High Reflectance broadband VUV-UV mirror coatings offer superior reflectance properties as specified below, optimized for normal incidence.  All eSource Optics broadband VUV-UV mirror coatings are available as complete VUV-UV Flat (Plano) mirrors per the sizes listed below; or on customer supplied substrates.

All eSource Optics High Reflectance broadband VUV-UV Mirrors include a Flat (Plano-Plano) high purity UV grade Fused Silica or BK7 substrate over-coated with the VUV-UV Al & MgF2 mirror coating. All VUV-UV Mirror flat substrates are highly polished to a 40-20 to 20-10 scratch & dig surface quality with less than 5 arc minutes parallelism. 



                                 Broadband VUV-UV Mirror Coatings

Mirror Coating Part Number       % Reflectance @ 0 degrees A.O.I.


ES #120  VUV Mirror Coating 77-80% R @ 121.6nm view %R curve
ES #160  VUV Mirror Coating 84-86% R @ 160.8nm view %R curve

ES #190  VUV Mirror Coating

>= 88% R @ 190-195nm view %R curve
ES #200  UV Mirror Coating >=88-90% R @ 200nm view %R curve  


Broadband VUV-UV Flat (Plano) Mirrors

VUV-UV Mirror Coating Type

Size: 12.7mm Dia. x ~3.2mm Thk
Part #                       Unit Price
Size: 25.4mm Dia. x ~6.4mm Thk
Part #                       Unit Price
Size: 50.8mm Dia. x ~9.5mm Thk
Part #                        Unit Price 
ES #120 VUV-UV Flat Mirror   ES #120-1232-OW  /  $595.00 ES #120-2564-OW  /  $650.00 ES #120-5095-OW   /  $695.00
ES #160 VUV-UV Flat Mirror  ES #160-1232-OW  /  $425.00 ES #160-2564-OW /  $495.00 ES #160-5095-OW /  $595.00
ES #190 VUV-UV Flat Mirror ES #190-1232-OW  /  $395.00 ES #190-2564-OW  /  $475.00 ES #190-5095-OW /  $575.00
ES #200 VUV-UV Flat Mirror  ES #200-1232-OW/  $375.00 ES #200-2564-OW /  $425.00 ES #200-5095-OW  /  $525.00

(All Size Dimensions in mm; Other sizes & thicknesses are available including Plano-Concave or Convex VUV-UV Spherical Mirrors)

Availability: eSource Optics VUV-UV Mirrors are supplied on a per order basis; lead-time is typically within ~3-4 weeks.

All eSource Optics broadband VUV-UV Al & MgF2 mirror coatings offer excellent reflectance properties at the specific VUV-UV wavelengths listed below, with high average broadband reflectance throughout the Visible to NIR.  High Reflectance broadband VUV-UV mirror coatings are specifically designed for use in a variety of VUV-UV instrument and research applications including VUV-UV-based analytical instrumentation, DUV spectrophotometers & Ellipsometers.  For the VUV to UV wavelength region, we supply % Reflectance curves with every Lot of mirrors supplied.  All eSource Optics VUV-UV Mirrors are measured on a Vacuum Spectrophotometer system capable of measuring VUV-UV reflectance as short as 120nm. The system is based on a calibrated Model VM-502 0.2 Meter Vacuum Monochromator with VUV enhanced 1200g/mm grating & Deuterium light source for very accurate VUV to UV  wavelength measurements. 

eSource Optics also offers standard VUV-UV Spherical Plano-Concave Mirrors  with our High Reflectance broadband VUV-UV mirror coatings listed above on 0.5" (12.7mm), 1.0" (25.4mm) & 2" Diameter (50.8mm) Plano-Concave Spherical Mirror substrates with Concave Radii from 0.25 Meter up to 5.0 Meter.   Custom sizes and Radii also available, including custom Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors.




                                                                         Typical VUV % Reflectance ES #120 VUV Mirror Coating

                                                                                  Normal Incidence & 45 degrees


                                                             (Contact us if any questions)







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