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Circular Optical Windows from our Excess Inventory are offered at substantial savings.  Most of our excess Inventory Circular Optical Windows are available as both Laser Quality and Analytical Quality polish designated as LQ (Laser Quality) and AQ (Analytical Quality) per the below specifications. 

Circular Optical Windows from our Excess Inventory are available in UV Grade Fused Silica (FS) & BK7 Glass materials*.  Circular Optical Windows are flat polished round optical windows typically used to isolate environments while allowing light to pass relatively unimpeded.   Optical Windows are generally used for view ports or sealing and or protecting other components within an optical assembly, instrument or laser.

NOTE: Quantities and availability subject to change.  Please check back often.

*Also see our standard Circular Optical Windows  in UV Fused Silica & BK7 Glass Materials

For more information about Optical Windows, refer to our Optics Tutorial page



Material : BK7 Glass & UV Grade Fused Silica (FS)     
Diameter (Dia = Ø) Tolerance: ±0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25mm  
Surface Figure*:  LQ = ~L/8 - ~L/10 @ 633 nm nominal
AQ = ~3-5 waves @ 633 nm nominal
Surface Finish:  LQ = ~20-10 to ~40-20 both surfaces
AQ = 60-40 both surfaces
Clear aperture: central 85%
Parallelism:  LQ = < 5 arc minutes
AQ = < 15 arc minutes 
Chamfer: ~ 0.30mm @45 deg.
(* Can vary with Thickness)

(LQ = Laser Quality / AQ = Analytical Quality)

All dimensions in mm  






25.4mm 6.1mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB2561OW $45.00 LQB2561OW
25.4mm 9.21mm Laser Quality Optical Window UVFS LQF2592OW $50.00 LQF2592OW
25.4mm 9.28mm Laser Quality Optical Window UVFS LQF2593OW $50.00 LQF2593OW
25.4mm 9.24-9.25mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB2592OW $45.00 LQB2592OW
25.4mm 9.25mm Analytical Quality Optical Window BK7 AQB2592OW $35.00 AQB2592OW
25.4mm 9.27-9.3mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB2593OW $45.00 LQB2593OW
38.1mm 1.5mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB3815OW $50.00 LQB3815OW
38.1mm 6.15mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB3861OW $50.00 LQB3861OW
38.1mm 9.25mm Laser Quality Optical Window UVFS LQF3892OW $70.00 LQF3892OW
50.8mm 1.5mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB5015OW $75.00 LQB5015OW
50.8mm 6.12mm Laser Quality Optical Window BK7 LQB5061OW $75.00 LQB5061OW


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