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eSource Optics offers VUV - UV Mirrors & Coatings

May 5, 2008

News Release:

eSource Optics is now offering both calibrated UV & Vacuum UV (VUV) Mirrors & coatings, in addition to our UV Windows & UV Optical Filters for Ultraviolet wavelength applications as short as 120nm. For the UV to VUV wavelength region, we supply % Reflectance curves with each Lot of mirrors shipped; and a % Transmission curve with each filter shipped. All optics are measured on a Vacuum Spectrophotometer system capable of
measuring both VUV reflectance & transmission down to 120nm. The system is based on a calibrated Model VM-502 0.2 Meter Vacuum Monochromator with VUV enhanced 1200g/mm grating & Deuterium light source for accurate UV to VUV wavelength measurements.


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