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SPIE: The International Society for Optical Engineering is dedicated to advancing the scientific research and engineering applications of optics, photonics, imaging, and optoelectronics through meetings, education programs, and publications.



 SPIE - The International Society of Optics and Photonics    



The Optical Society of America (OSA):  Serves optics and photonics professionals around the world with top conferences, peer-reviewed publications and other services.




The Laser Institute of America is the professional membership society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser applications and safety worldwide. Serving the industrial, medical, research and military communities, LIA offers technical information and networking opportunities to laser users from around the globe.




The IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 377,000 individual members in 150 countries. The organization is most popularly known and referred to by the letters I-E-E-E.





SEMI:  SEMI is a forum for Semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers. The SEMI organization offers advocacy, training, technology standards, news and event information.  SEMI is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of industry executives representing different geographic locations and company sizes.  




European Optical Society (EOS): The purpose of the EOS is to contribute to the scientific progress in Optics and related sciences and to promote their applications on the European and international levels, by bringing together individual persons and legal bodies involved in these disciplines and their applications.





The Optical Society of Japan was founded in 1952 as a division of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP). It has now nearly 2,000 members and is the biggest division of JSAP.




Photonics.com: Optical, Laser and Fiber Optics Resource. Information for the photonics industry. Photonics.com offers news, products and articles on lasers, fiber optics, optical, imaging, diodes, VCSEL, dwdm, electro-optics, Photonics Spectra, company and product buyers directory, employment and more.







The Physics web: Web site for physicists, PhysicsWorld, Institute of Physics, Electronic Publishing, online products and services.



Fiber Optics Online: Resource for professionals in the telecommunications industry- Information on fiber optics, data communications, photodetectors, optical networking, fiber optic cables.




optics.org is the starting point for all those in the photonics industry. High quality news and analysis is brought to you by a dedicated team backed by the authority of The Institute of Physics.




LEOS Field of Interest of the Society is lasers, optical devices, optical fibers, and associated lightwave technology and their applications in systems and subsystems in which quantum electronic devices are key elements.



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