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VUV-UV CaF2 Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses
New VUV-UV CaF2 Lenses
Sep 22, 2022
222nm Filters for UVC Sterilization
222nm UV Bandpass Filters for Sterilization
Mar 25, 2021
VUV-UV "FVN" Optical Filters
Very Narrow Bandwidth VUV Optical Bandpass Filter designs designated as "FVN"
Apr 3, 2020
UBC Published Paper eSource Optics 185nm Filter
VUV-Induced Reactions for Water Treatment using eSource Optics Narrowband Optical Filter 50185FNB
May 29, 2019
VUV-UV CaF2 Right Angle Prisms
eSource Optics now offers a complete line of VUV-UV Grade CaF2 Right Angle Prisms
Sep 27, 2017
VUV-UV Optical Wedged Windows
eSource Optics now offers a complete line of VUV-UV Grade Optical Wedged Windows
Jul 10, 2017
VUV Grade CaF2 Spherical Lenses
eSource Optics now offers a complete line of VUV Grade CaF2 Spherical Lenses for VUV-UV applications
Sep 5, 2013
New standard VUV-UV Broadband Spherical Mirrors
esource Optics introduces a standard line of VUV-UV Broadband Plano-Concave Spherical Mirrors
Jun 28, 2013
VUV-UV Optical Filter Information
New Web page with expanded information on eSource Optics VUV-UV Optical Filters
Sep 4, 2012
eSource Optics New Logo
eSource Optics introduces a new Logo
Aug 13, 2012
New eSource Optics Broadband VUV-UV Beamsplitters
eSource Optics introduces new Broadband VUV-UV Beamsplitters (BBVUVBS) for use at @ 45 degrees Angle of Incidence (AOI) Unpolarized.
Aug 8, 2011
New Short NFL VUV Grade MgF2 Lenses
eSource Optics is pleased to announce the addition of shorter nominal Focal Length Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV-UV) MgF2 Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses to our standard selection of select VUV Grade Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) and VUV Grade Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) VUV-UV Spherical Lenses.
Jul 21, 2011
UV Neutral Density Filters
eSource Optics is now offering calibrated Ultraviolet (UV) Neutral Density (ND) Filters.
May 30, 2011
VUV Broadband Optical Filters
eSource Optics is now offering calibrated Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Broadband Optical Filters.
Jan 10, 2009
eSource Optics offers some fun: "Rainbowindows"
eSource Optics introduces "Rainbowindows". Like our Logo, eSource Optics has always been facinated with the natural beauty of Rainbow's. Rainbowindows state of the art Holographic Prism starts with laser technology and ends with pure spectral color.
Nov 19, 2008
eSource Optics offers VUV - UV Mirrors & Coatings
eSource Optics is now offering both calibrated UV & Vacuum UV (VUV) Mirrors & coatings
May 5, 2008
New "Optics Tutorial"
Oct 21, 2004







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