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VUV to UV Flat Mirrors & Coatings


eSource Optics offers a variety of High Reflectance Broadband metallic Aluminum & Magnesium Fluoride (Al & MgF2) VUV to UV Mirror Coatings with high reflectivity optimized at specific VUV through UV wavelengths. eSource Optics High Reflectance Broadband VUV to UV Mirror Coatings offer superior reflectance properties as specified below, optimized for normal incidence.  All eSource Optics Broadband VUV to UV Mirror Coatings are available as complete VUV & UV Flat (Plano) Mirrors per the sizes listed below; or on customer supplied substrates.

All eSource Optics High Reflectance Broadband VUV & UV Mirrors include a Flat (Plano-Plano) UV grade Fused Silica, N-BK7 or equivalent substrate over-coated with the VUV to UV Al & MgF2 Mirror Coating. All VUV to UV Mirror flat substrates are highly polished to a 40-20 to 20-10 scratch & dig surface quality with less than 5 arc minutes parallelism. 



                                 Broadband VUV to UV Mirror Coatings

Mirror Coating Part Number       % Reflectance @ 0 degrees A.O.I.


ES #120  VUV-UV Mirror Coating 77-80% R @ 121.6nm view %R curve
ES #160  VUV-UV Mirror Coating 84-86% R @ 160.8nm view %R curve

ES #190  VUV-UV Mirror Coating

>= 88% R @ 190-195nm view %R curve
ES #200  UV Mirror Coating >=88-90% R @ 200nm view %R curve  


Broadband VUV to UV Flat (Plano) Mirrors

VUV to UV Mirror Coating Type

Size: 12.7mm Dia. x ~3.2mm Thk
Part #                       Unit Price
Size: 25.4mm Dia. x ~6.4mm Thk
Part #                       Unit Price
Size: 50.8mm Dia. x ~9.5mm Thk
Part #                        Unit Price 
ES #120 VUV to UV Flat Mirror   ES #120-1232-OW  /  $695.00 ES #120-2564-OW  /  $795.00 ES #120-5095-OW   /  $895.00
ES #160 VUV to UV Flat Mirror  ES #160-1232-OW  /  $495.00 ES #160-2564-OW /  $595.00 ES #160-5095-OW /  $695.00
ES #190 VUV to UV Flat Mirror ES #190-1232-OW  /  $495.00 ES #190-2564-OW  /  $595.00 ES #190-5095-OW /  $695.00
ES #200 VUV to UV Flat Mirror  ES #200-1232-OW/  $395.00 ES #200-2564-OW /  $495.00 ES #200-5095-OW  /  $595.00

(All Size Dimensions in mm; Other sizes & thicknesses are available including Plano-Concave or Convex VUV-UV Spherical Mirrors)

Availability: eSource Optics VUV to UV Mirrors are supplied on a per order basis.  Lead-times can vary and are typically within ~4 weeks.

All eSource Optics Broadband VUV to UV Al & MgF2 Mirror Coatings offer excellent reflectance properties at the specific VUV through UV wavelengths listed below, with high average broadband reflectance throughout the Visible to NIR.  High Reflectance broadband VUV to UV mirror coatings are specifically designed for use in a variety of VUV to UV instrument and research applications including VUV to UV-based analytical instrumentation, DUV spectrophotometers & Ellipsometers.  For the VUV through the UV wavelength region, we supply % Reflectance curves with every Lot of mirrors supplied.  All eSource Optics VUV to UV Mirrors are measured on a Vacuum Spectrophotometer system capable of measuring VUV through UV reflectance as short as 120nm. The system is based on a calibrated Model VM-502 0.2 Meter Vacuum Monochromator with VUV enhanced 1200g/mm grating & Deuterium light source for very accurate VUV to UV  wavelength measurements. 

eSource Optics also offers standard VUV to UV Spherical Plano-Concave Mirrors  with our High Reflectance Broadband VUV to UV Mirror Coatings listed above on 0.5" (12.7mm), 1.0" (25.4mm) & 2" Diameter (50.8mm) Plano-Concave Spherical Mirror substrates with Concave Radii from 0.25 Meter up to 2.0 Meter.   Custom sizes and Radii also available, including custom Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors.




                                                                         Typical VUV % Reflectance ES #120 VUV Mirror Coating

                                                                                  Normal Incidence & 45 degrees


                                                             (Contact us if any questions)







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