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eSource Optics offers its wealth of experience in supplying custom optical components and hand-crafted Hardwood Optics Cases & Boxes. 

Our staff invites an opportunity to review your specifications and requirements in order to offer the proper optic for your application.  Our many years of experience with optical components can prove to be a valuable resource available to you at any time.

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Size (Diameter/Length/Width)
Surface Figure - Side 1 (waves) @633nm
Surface Figure - Side 2 (waves) @633nm
(OR) Transmitted Wavefront Distortion @ 633nm
Scratch & Dig - Side 1
Scratch & Dig - Side 2
Clear aperture (%)
Wedge / Parallelism (degrees, minutes or seconds)
Chamfer/bevel (@45 deg.)
Shape - Flat / Spherical / Cylindrical - Convex/Concave (specify)
Note direction of cylinder
Radius size - Side 1 (tol. +/-)
Radius size - Side 2 (tol. +/-)
Specify coating type (ex: AR (Anti-Refl.), Max Refl. Mirror, Partial Refl.)
Wavelength (nm) Side 1
Wavelength (nm) Side 2
Reflection/Transmission (%) Side 1
Reflection/Transmission (%) Side 2
Angle of Incidence (deg) Side 1
Angle of Incidence (deg) Side 2
Polarization (S, P, Unp) Side 1
Polarization (S, P, Unp) Side 2
Minimum Clear Aperture Side 1
Minimum Clear Aperture Side 2
Center or Peak Wavelength
FWHM (Bandwidth)
Peak Transmission (%)
Out of band Blocking (rejection)
Filter Size
Quantity Required: *
Coating Curves
Marking/packaging requirements.
Other or Hardwood Case or Box Type
Hardwood Case or Box Inside Dimensions or size of component. Please supply a sketch or drawing of component(s) to be held in case or box if possible. Add any comments below.

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