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eSource Optics Products

eSource Optics specializes in suppling High Quality VUV & UV Optical Components such as:

VUV & UV Optical Bandpass Filters, VUV & UV Flat & Spherical Mirrors, UV Neutral Density Optical Filters, VUV & UV Optical Beamsplitters and VUV & UV Optical Windows, Lenses & Prisms.  eSource Optics offers a large selection of Vacuum UV (VUV) & UV Optical Filters, VUV & UV Mirrors, VUV & UV Optical Beamsplitters, UV Neutral Density Opical Filters, VUV & UV Optical Windows & VUV & UV Lenses in 12.7mm, 25.4mm & 50.8mm Diameters.


All of our High Quality Optical Components are manufactured from high-purity MgF2, CaF2, Sapphire, UV Grade Fused Silica and BK7 Glass materials for a full spectrum of Photonics applications....More information can be found on our Material Properties page.  

We also offer precision cut
Hand-Crafted Wooden Optics Cases & Wooden Optics Boxes for all eSource Optics components.



VUV Mirrors & Coatings &
VUV & UV Optical Beamsplitters
  VUV Optical Bandpass Filters & 
VUV Broadband Optical Filters

 VUV & UV Flat Mirrors & Coatings

  VUV & UV Spherical Mirrors

  VUV & UV Optical Beamsplitters


 VUV Optical Bandpass Filters

 VUV Broadband Optical Filters 

   UV Bandpass & UV ND Filters


         Optical Windows


         UV Optical Bandpass Filters 

      UV Neutral Density Optical Filters    



     VUV Optical Windows

        VUV & UV Optical Wedged Windows



       Square Flat Optical Windows

      ►  Circular Flat Optical Windows

      Spherical Lenses & RAP's


     VUV & UV Spherical Lenses


          UV Fused Silica Plano Convex


           VUV MgF2 & CaF2 Spherical Lenses

          VUV & UV CaF2 Plano-Concave

          VUV & UV CaF2 Right Angle Prisms


           VUV & UV CaF2 Bi-CX & Bi-CC

           VUV & UV CaF2 Meniscus Lenses

      Hardwood Optics Boxes


  Hardwood Optics Cases


   Single Component Boxes


   Multiple Component Cases





Need a Custom Optic?  Refer to our "Request For Quote" page

We also offer a little Photonics education & fun with Optics via our exclusive "Rainbowindows"



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 VUV-UV Optical Filters & Mirrors/Windows/Lenses/Hardwood Optics Cases & Boxes